You like bullets ? Here, take some!

Take your ship, shoot, don’t die and maximize your score!
MinimalShmup is a vertical shooter in which you will see a ton of enemies shooting at you.
But, what a chance, you’re equiped with a high-level of technology in that ship.

Select which power you’ll use:
The bomb, to suppress all the bullets ? But: No risk, no score..
The shield, protecting you for a short amount of time ?
The special: Wanna see all of your enemies dying, fired by loads of big gauge bullets?  Try the special fire!
The discover scan: because you’re greedy, and you know there are some things to find in the levels… Points guaranteed!

– 5 levels
– Highscores
– Power Switch System
– Gamepad support
– Windows, Linux support

0capture 1000603_537193793030673_603360690_n

Demo dowloadable :
MinimalShmup Demo

Release in 2014 on:


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