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Alpha Release! Check it out!

Hey guys, I’ve worked a lot on the game the past few days, and would like to have your opinion on the game, and I also want to know if it’s working great on other computers than mine. So, here’s the MinimalShmup Alpha Version 0.1: Actual features in the game: – Power Switch System: You […]

MinimalShmup update();

Hey guys, some news about MinimalShmup. It’s now time to think a bit about what happend this week-end. As I say, I thought about releasing a beta this Sunday night.. It’s not going to happend. Why ? I worked as hard as I could, something like 25 hours and maybe I could do it if […]

MinimalShmup news#2

So, a small post about what’s going on for MinimalShmup. Because of the courses, I can’t work as much as I want, but the game is still being improved. Now, the game is completely working with a gamepad, I added the structure of the HUD, and I’m implementing the scoring system. The scoring system should […]

October Challenge miniupdate#1

Okay guys, so it’s the week-end, finally. I got some work to do for my courses but I worked a bit on MinimalShmup. Now the sprites are correctly drawing, and I added some very basic gamepad support ( I still need to improve it, by the way ). I also changed some things like using […]

Back to work!

Hey, I’m back to work. After restarting the dev’ during the Ludum Dare 26, I decided a few days ago to participate to the October Challenge 2013. I’ll have to finish the game, market it, and sell a least one copy of if,  in ONE MONTH.. It’s gonna be a shitload of work ( and […]

Ludum Dare 26: Post-Mortem

Ok guys, it’s time to do a first small post mortem after that Ludum Dare 26 🙂 You can download and test the game here: I’m proud of what I’ve done during this week-end, not only because I finished what I wanted to do, but because few month ago, I was already working on […]

Let’s go for the Ludum Dare 26 :)

Hey guys, I decided to enter the ludum dare 26! There was a shitload of time since I programmed in C++, but I’ll still do the game with it and SFML. It’s kind of a challenge for me.The LD will begin at 4am for me, I think it’ll be hard to have good ideas at […]