Alpha Release! Check it out!

Hey guys, I’ve worked a lot on the game the past few days, and would like to have your opinion on the game, and I also want to know if it’s working great on other computers than mine.

So, here’s the MinimalShmup Alpha Version 0.1:

Special Power!

Actual features in the game:
– Power Switch System:
You have 4 powers, with common gauges that fill by shooting on enemies.
– Bomb Power: You suppress every shot on the screen for a short amount of time
– Shield Power; You have a shield that protects your ships during 2.5 seconds, preventing you from dying.
– Special Power: Your ship shoot a lot of homing bullets that kills almost everything on the screen.
– Discover Power: There are treasures in the stages, that reward a good amount of points. Will you sacrifice some of your safety so make more points ?

– Gamepad/keyboard support:
The game is currently supporting xbox 360 gamepads / arcade sticks and also keyboard.
– Xbox: RT to shoot, X to power switch, Y to use your power, Start to pause the game.
– Keyboard: Space to shoot, X to power switch, C to use your power, ESC to pause, arrows to move.

What’s still in development:
– Fixing bugs.
– More enemies.
– More patterns.
– Tweaking the scoring system.
– Local leaderboard.
– Musics.
– Better graphics!

For the moment, the level 2 is still empty but the boss is working ( even if nearly impossible to beat ). Also, there is no music, because I prefer to improve the gameplay first. The menus are a bit weird too.
So, that’s why I need to get the more opinions/bug reports possible, to make it the best the fast I can. I don’t want to release an unstable game or that feels odd or that isn’t fun.

Download it here
Don’t hesistate to comment on the game! I’ll respond as soon as possible.


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