MinimalShmup update();

Hey guys,
some news about MinimalShmup.
It’s now time to think a bit about what happend this week-end.

As I say, I thought about releasing a beta this Sunday night.. It’s not going to happend.
Why ?
I worked as hard as I could, something like 25 hours and maybe I could do it if I didn’t find a crappy bug in the game.
At some point ( it looked random in fact, I still don’t know why it did that bug, and I don’t even know if it’s really fixed now.. ) when loading the stage 2, the sprites were absolutely not the right ones.
I think it was because at the beginning I was loading the levels from text files, and then I added a .tmx file parser to load my level created with Tiled Editor, and because it was loading a bit from the .tmx and a bit from the text file, it did some weird things.

Now it seems to be working, but I wasted few hours fixing this, I lost my mind, felt like crap and wanted to burn anything around me.
I also underestimated the amount of time needed to make the menus, and spend some time to try optimising the rendering.

So now, it’s working, but there is a lack of content, and I still need to make the musics for the 2 firsts levels, so I decided to not release anything now, and wait to work on that.

About what was added since the last update:
– I added and fixed the special power, the bomb power and the shield power. It’s working great, and I’m still tweaking the scoring system, but I really enjoy playing it ( even if it took me a while to not die on the first level xD ).

Because I really need to see if the game is working on other pc’s than mine, I’ll still put an alpha version of the game on Monday or Tuesday, so you can comment on it and help me to fix bugs and improve the gameplay and stuff.

Now it’s time for me to sleep, see you guys for other game updates!


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