Ludum Dare 26: Post-Mortem

Ok guys, it’s time to do a first small post mortem after that Ludum Dare 26 🙂

You can download and test the game here:

I’m proud of what I’ve done during this week-end, not only because I finished what I wanted to do, but because few month ago, I was already working on a shmup like the one I did. The main problem was that the main logic and a shitload of programming errors. No inheritance at all, bugs, optimization problems, etc. I worked something like 4 or 5 month on that crap before giving up. So doing MUCH better during only a week was a personnal challenge for me. And I did it!!

Now, about the 48hours: I learned some usefull stuff, like using states in the main class to now the progression in the program ( like if I need to display the main menu or run the gameloop ), or like thinking a lot about the text structure I’ll use to create describe the levels. There’s actually only 2 levels in my game, because the structure made the creation/filling of the levels something horrible and I lost a LOT of time doing that :/

I know there are still bugs in the game, but with the base I own now, can think again about doing my danmaku ( and doing it for windows, linux and mac ).

So, that Ludum Dare was a great experience, for the second time I did it, my game was really better 🙂 I know I’ll do the LD27 😀

And for you:
A video of the stage 1 of Minimal Shmup:

Don’t forget to follow me on twitter 🙂 I’m now working on the linux “LD” version of it 🙂 And after that, I’ll work on the REAL danmaku 🙂


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