Hey guys, some news about the advancement of the game..

I’ve added some new classes, like a game class.. It was weird because the display wasn’t the same but it’s ok now… I’m thinking now recoding the graphic side, using the opengl in place of the SFML Graphics… So I’m searching now for some goods tutorials about that.

Actualy, I added the collisions with the player, and, because I’m reaaaaally not a drawer, I’m learning how to use 3dsMax, to do some 2D render from 3D models.. Way easier for me because it’s my first game so I don’t want someone to do graphics for free.. 


I’m also doing some scripts for the first level… If everything is ok, maybe there will be a first playable level ( but with still no graphics for the moment ) in someting like 3 weeks ( The 1st november maybe ? No promises ). 


I’ll put a video soon.. I’m working on it as much as I can. And I’ll try to finish the game for the 1st of january 😀

Stay thuned guys!!


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